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Building this Blog

Building this Blog

The Road ahead

Over the years I’ve had quite a few different blogs. Never anything special, and never a huge readership, but that was never the point. Like many developers, I wrote technical articles that were as much for me as for anyone else.
By writing out a tutorial, or explanation it forces you to truly think about the subject matter, solidifying the problem and solution in your mind.

To kick of this version of the blog, I’m going to start with a multi-part series about how I set up the blog as well as some of the modifications that I’ll be making along the way.


When I first heard of people setting up blogs with GitHub pages, I got started and set up a quick Jekyll Blog and started looking for Themes. My lack of Ruby skills really prevented me from customizing it the way that I wanted to, so it sat dormant.

First Steps

I wanted something that could be hosted on GitHub Pages, but also uses React (the front-end framework we use at work.) This way I can test out techniques on my own time. I expect the blog to end up with far more bells and whistles than needed for exactly this reason. After looking around for about a week, I settled on Gatsby.


So the first version is about as vanilla as can be. To set up the initial version, I ran the following commands:

npm install -g gatsby
gatsby new blog
gatsby develop

and away I was. After firing up VS Code and modifying the config and adding this post, I was ready to push it to github.

Next time

For the next post in this series, I’ll go through how I had to set up my User Page on GitHub as well as setting up to deploy the blog from npm scripts.

Posted February 23, 2017

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